LCAP Survey


Eight State of California Priorities must be covered:

1) Basic Services
2) Academic Standards
3) Course Access
4) Pupil Achievement
5) Other Pupil Outcomes
6) Parent Involvement
7) Pupil Engagement
8) School Climate

The LCAP is a three year plan for the upping school year and the next two years.

Pope Valley’s Goals, Actions, Expenditures, and Progress Indicators

1) Improve achievement for all students and accelerate student learning increases for EL and low‐income
2) Improve instructional practice through professional development and professional learning communities at
schools and recruiting and retaining high quality certificated and classified staff.
3) Increase parent and community engagement, involvement, and satisfaction.
4) Improve student engagement and climate outcomes, and allocated services to English Learner and Low‐
Income students.
5) Provide basic services