Our District

Pope Valley Union Elementary District School is a single-school district in northern Napa County, California. We teach our students in small, shared classrooms with highly-qualified teachers and instructional aides, which allows us to focus on meeting each student’s individual needs and personalizing our instruction to meet those needs.

We offer an after-school program where students can receive tutoring in the areas of reading comprehension and fluency and math. 

At Pope Valley, we believe education is a shared responsibility, and we encourage our community to get involved.

Local Control and Accountability

The Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a three-year plan for improving our school through goal setting, monitoring, and accountability. Our goals include:

  • Improving the academic achievement for all students and accelerating student learning for English language learners and low-income students
  • Improving our instructional practices through professional development and instituting professional learning communities by recruiting and retaining high-quality staff
  • Increasing parental and community engagement, involvement, and satisfaction
  • Improving student engagement and climate outcomes and improving allocated services to English learners and low-income students
  • Providing basic services through safe facilities and access to current materials and technology