Our District

Pope Valley Union Elementary District School is a single-school district in northern Napa County, California. We teach our students in small, shared classrooms with highly-qualified teachers and instructional aides, which allows us to focus on meeting each student’s individual needs and personalizing our instruction to meet those needs.

At Pope Valley, we believe education is a shared responsibility, and we encourage our community to get involved.

Local Control and Accountability

The Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) is a three-year plan for improving our school through goal setting, monitoring, and accountability. Our goals include:

  • Improving the academic achievement for all students and accelerating student learning for English language learners and low-income students
  • Improving our instructional practices through professional development and instituting professional learning communities by recruiting and retaining high-quality staff
  • Increasing parental and community engagement, involvement, and satisfaction
  • Improving student engagement and climate outcomes and improving allocated services to English learners and low-income students
  • Providing basic services through safe facilities and access to current materials and technology